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What's great about Health-e headlines™?

What you'll read in every issue:

We bring your employees what they need — short, hard-hitting news facts to help them become smart health care consumers.

Health-e headlines — an electronic email news service — brings you...

A word about our sources

We tap into original sources exclusively to gather our health information. Who better than the original researcher, government agency or health-serving organization to provide trusted health items? You won't find Good Housekeeping or The New York Times listed as a source for any health information. They simply are not original, credible sources.

Need a custom story on a particular topic?

Just ask. If we have one in our archives, we'll shoot it to you for just a minimal redistribution fee. Want a special story or profile written exclusively for your organization? Just ask. Our health writers take on special assignments and can provide affordable top-quality, first-rate information from our expert sources.

How to use Health-e headlines™

Just cut and paste the monthly stories from the Word document you receive each month onto your intranet or company Web site, include in daily email messages, print, post or mail hard copies. Customize with your company or organizational info to create a truly tailored health message.

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About Us

Write On, Inc., is a consumer and corporate health information publisher headquartered in Omaha, Neb. Publication editors tap into an international team of health promotion and health management experts and consultants, medical researchers, health care practitioners and industry insiders to bring up-to-the-second information to YOU.

Publisher Sandra Wendel writes health stories for major consumer publications read by millions such as the Healthy Self newsletter published by the American Institute for Preventive Medicine, and LiveWell, a special health supplement to the Omaha World-Herald. She has contributed to the most highly read websites such as She developed online consumer content as Senior Project Editor for

She edits major books on health, is an editor for iUniverse health books, and is coauthor (with Dr. Edward T. Creagan of Mayo Clinic) on the book How NOT to Be My Patient ( She has compiled two Chicken Soup for the Soul books (on breast cancer and on heart disease).

The health-writing team includes veteran journalists and specialists in health and medical issues.

From the Publisher...

Your interactive feedback helps shape this publication. Contact Sandra directly at or at (402) 334-2547.

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